Simple Solutions to Complex Engineering Problems
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Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

At Sutra, we offer cost effective and reliable solutions in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE, GIS, Scientific Analysis and Visualization. We have been working with global companies and develop applications using standard as well as non-standard technologies.

We are specialized in providing cross-domain solutions that require knowledge of core engineering and expertise in advance technologies such as mobile computing. A typical example is displaying a CAD drawing on a PDA to a field engineer.

Main Features of Engineering Solutions

Sutra Object Oriented Designing

We employ object oriented designing technique for application development. Reusable and scalable component design allows to speed up the development and testing process.

Sutra Architecture based design approach

Our standard architecture gives a complete skeleton for application construction. Architecture helps in rapid application development, which are consistent in behavior and also sturdy in nature.

Sutra Pre-developed Component Libraries

We have developed ready to use functions and frameworks for standard functionalities. This saves design, development and testing time, enabling speedy implementation.

Sutra Mathematical modeling skills

Sutra has a proven expertise in the areas of mathematical modeling and geometrical computation. We have capabilities to develop and apply complex algorithms.

Key Industries:

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