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Falcon : Lighweight Framework for 3D FEM PRE/POST Processor

Falcon is the framework for developing a custom Pre Post processor in a short span. Even though large number of general purpose pre and postprocessors are available, customization of these applications require high skills and it is costly to do maintenance. Falcon can be used to develope a complete pre and post processing application at much lower costs. We have developed number of applications for special purpose analysis like Rotary Dynamics, Hyper Elastic Analysis, Acoustics etc. The simple user interface allows even design engineers to make numerous what-if scenarios in short duration.

Overview :

* An lightweight tool for visualizing and reviewing 3D models.
* Import/Export UNV and NASTRAN Files.
* 3D Support based on OPENGL.
* Multi Language Support (English/Japanese).
* Handles large 3D models, with Multi Window/Multi View Ports.
* Results display using Contours, Vectors, Animations and Graphs.

Falcon : Detail Features

* Analysis Types Supported :

* Linear/Non-Linear Static
* Normal or Complex Eigenvalues
* First Order or Second Order Eigenvalues
* Frequency response
* Transient response
* Heat Transfer
* Fluid Flow Analysis
* Buckling

 Pre Processing Support :

* 3D AutoMesh Interface with NetGen
* Mapped Meshing for Surface and Solid meshing
* 3D Element Creation by Drag,Sweep, Translate
* Element/Node Renumbering
* Element/Node Move and Copy (Translate/Rotate/Mirror)
* 2D Element Break by Edge/Corner
* 3D Element Break by Edge/Face
* Element/Node Renumbering

View Control Support :

* 3D Dynamic Rotation/Zoom/Pan and other Viewing Features
* Shading / HiddenLine / FeatureLine / WireFrame/ Transparency Display
* Support for Shrinking, Clipping and Solid Sectioning
* Property / Material Data based Color Option
* Different Selection Mode Support
* Multi-Window / Multi-View Support

Sutra Result Display Support :

* Contour Display (Bands/Lines)
* IsoSurface Support
* Vector Data Display
* Deformation Display
* Solid Sectioning
* Time Based Animation(Contour/Vector/IsoSurface)
* 2D Graph Support
* Result rendering on Groups

Sutra Import/Export Support:

* Import / Export FEM Data in UNV, NASTRAN File Formats
* Image Support for BMP / JPG / TIFF File Formats
* Result export in CSV formats

 Sutra Platform:

* OS: Windows 7.1, 8.0

 Sutra Optional Features (Customization Support):

* Following additional optional features can be provided with customization
* Database Connectivity (Access / SQL Server / Oracle)
* Import/Export of FEM/Geometry Data in DXF, STL, OP2, VRML File Formats
* Auto Report Creation in HTML / WORD / EXCEL


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