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Visual Components

Visual Components

The Cost Effective Digital Factory of Manufacturing

Sutra Systems is value added reseller (VAR) in India for the products from Visual Components, Finland.  Contact us for sales and support enquiries, on

Visual Components, Finland, provides advanced digital factory toolkit to facilitate construction of virtual manufacturing equipment and high precision operation verification and analysis.

Furthermore, large size data handling (Full Vehicle data), complex shapes data handling etc are possible to operate with most efficiently.  Simulation performance also maintained while using such large sized and complex data
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3DCreate delivers material flow (discrete event) and robotic simulation on the one platform for complex simulation and visualization of modern manufacturing systems. Now everyone can access 3D simulation models using layered products and reusable equipment libraries.

New working layouts are created by simply snapping equipment models together, setting machine geometry and performance parameters and then pressing the simulation run button.

Reusable Equipment Libraries

3DCreate combines different resource behaviors with existing CAD data to model any type of manufacturing resource from robots and conveyors to complex automatic warehouse storage systems and ergonomics human models.

Companies can represent a product family with just one visual component model and generate 3 dimensional production layouts on demand.

Customizable 3D toolkit for OEM partners

Fast-track new simulation and visualization projects by branding visual components standard applications

Use3DCreate’s developer tools to extend applications with process specific Add-ons or embed the 3DCreate window in another application.

COM based interfaces give access to different development (.NET) environments as well as integration to SCADA, MES and ERP systems.

A real-time interface connects the 3D models to third party software and machine and line controllers for production validation and optimization.

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