Simple Solutions to Complex Engineering Problems
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Engineering Simulation

Engineering Simulation

Sutra has successfully carried out various types of engineering simulation/analysis and we are providing reliable solutions to complex scientific and technological problems. We provide services in the areas of FEA Consulting, Modeling and Customization of available FEA PrePost Processors & Solvers.
We have also evloved our meshing techniques to create very high quality mesh patterns. This shortens the analysis cycles to get high quality results.

Sutra Finite Element Analysis :
Sutra Linear/Non-linear Static Analysis
Sutra Direct/Modal Dynamic Analysis
Sutra ElectroMagnetic Analysis
Sutra Thermal/Fluid Flow Analysis

Sutra Other Services :
Sutra Multi Body Dynamics/Physics
Sutra Customized Solution Development
Sutra Customization of Existing Pre/Post Processors, Solvers

Sutra Key Industries:

Sutra Aerospace
Sutra Automotive
Sutra Electrical & Electronics
Sutra Heavy Engineering
Sutra Manufacturing



Tools Used:

Sutra Siemens NX Nastran
Sutra Altair HyperWorks (Hypermesh,Radioss,AccuSolve,MotionSolve etc.)
Sutra Mathworks Matlab/Simulink

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