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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Sutra provides customized Web-based solutions for our international clients. Our multi-tier development architecture provides a ready-made framework for designing scalable web-based solutions in the areas of Process Management, CAFM, Workflow Based Systems and Business Support Systems.

Main highlights of Enterprise solutions:

Sutra Thorough knowledge of Engineering industry

Our experience and cumulative knowledge base provide us with a special edge to understand the business requirements in the right perspective. We take deliberate efforts for keeping pace with the technology, which provides us an insight to build solutions matching with latest trends in the area of product lifecycle management.

Sutra Extensive Cross-technology expertise

The advent of mobile technology has certainly provided an additional dimension for the enterprise applications. We have built cross-technology expertise to handle the complex requirements and offer networking and embedded solutions.

Sutra Generic 4-class Development Architecture

We have designed a set of scalable and extendable architecture as a backbone for development. It makes the development cohesive and allows for rapid deliveries.

Sutra Dedicated QA Teams

As a policy we have a separate QA department and an isolated testing environment. This ensures dedicated attention and unbiased assessment of the solutions.

Key Industries:

Sutra Software Application Vendors
Sutra System Integrators
Sutra Manufacturing
Sutra Aerospace
Sutra Automotive

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