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Sutra Overview :

Sutra It’s a graphical block-diagramming tool.
Sutra It’s an Extensive tool that has a set of expandable libraries of predefined blocks.
Sutra Interactive graphical editor for assembling and managing intuitive block diagrams
Sutra Ability to display complex designs by segmenting models into sub-blocks of design components.
Sutra A customized tool for viewing block diagrams created using MATLAB Simulink.
Sutra Provides environment required for extracting MATLAB Simulink information, 2-D Plotting of block diagrams, various view operations, DLL integration support, Block information display and many more.

Sutra Application :

Sutra Can be used in modeling, simulating and analyzing dynamic systems
Sutra A lightweight tool for viewing MATLAB Simulink files

Sutra Block diagram created in MATLAB Simulink displayed using SimViewer :


Sutra Technology :

Sutra C++ and MFC.

Sutra Platform :

Sutra Windows XP, Windows 2000

Sutra Features :

Sutra Viewing :

Sutra SimViewer supports viewing of .mdl file created using MATLAB Simulink.
Sutra Supported blocks in a MATLAB Simulink model are:

  1. Sinks
    • Display
    • Terminator
  2. Sources
    • Constant
    • Clock
  3. Math Operations
    • Abs
    • Product
    • Reference (Unary Minus)
    • Rounding
    • Sum
    • Trigonometry
    • 2-D graphics functions for visualizing data

Sutra Zoom-in and Zoom-out :

Sutra Allows Zoom-in / Zoom-out for better viewing.
Sutra Short keys provided with mouse interface.

Sutra Panning :

Sutra Models bigger than viewing area can be viewed with the help of Panning,
Sutra Short keys provided with mouse interface.

Sutra Block Display :

Sutra Parameters dialogue box similar to MATLAB Simulink can be displayed.

Sutra Sub-Block display :

Sutra Display details of a Sub-Block in a new application window.

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